The BRUCE project aims to expand the community of HEIs that are using CERIF by developing a prototype tool, based on CERIF, that will facilitate the analysis and reporting of research information from data sources that are already in use at HEIs.  The tool will enable institutions to produce a range of reports on their existing research management information for use both internally (e.g. for promotion panels, appraisal, equal opportunity monitoring, etc) and externally (e.g. in preparation for the REF).


Lorna Mitchell (Project Manager) is the Assistant Director (Academic Support) at Brunel University Library and is responsible for the team that manages BURA, the Brunel institutional repository and BRAD, a publications database based on the Symplectic Elements software.

Richard Jones has built and deployed repository systems for three large universities: the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bergen, and Imperial College London. He is an experienced software architect, is a core developer of the DSpace platform, and plays an active role in open standards development for repository and information systems such as the SWORD deposit protocol and the Open Archives Initiative Object Re-use and Exchange standard. He has written numerous academic articles on repository development and Open Access, as well as a book concentrating explicitly on Institutional Repositories.

Dr. Stephen Swift is a Research Lecturer in the School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics at Brunel University.  He gained his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Canterbury, his Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence at Cranfield University and his PhD in Intelligent Data Analysis at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research interests include data mining, time series analysis, evolutionary computation, optimisation, search and their application to bio-medical and software engineering problems.

Dr Rosa Scoble is the Deputy Director Planning (Research and Resources) at Brunel University.  She has a PhD on the RAE and was Director of RAE2008 at Brunel. She has extensive knowledge of HESA data requirements gained both by producing the Guardian University Tables (2003-2007) and by leading on internal projects to coordinate HESA data returns. Her main current responsibility, working with the PVC (Research), is the management of research information and planning in preparation for REF2014.

Bethan Adams is the Assistant Director, Information Services at St George’s, University of London, and is the Head of the Library Services and is also acting as Project Manager on the installation of a current research information service and repository for the University. Bethan is also Chair of the Digital Developments Working Group of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries.

Patricia Donaghy (Project Assistant) has worked in the Department of Information Systems and Computing (DISC) at Brunel University for the past 13 years as a member of the support team, providing staff and students with on-line systems that provide easy access to data.


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